Drinking water passes in particular through several treatment and control systems which make it possible to distribute quality tap water. However, it is necessary to filter tap water for several reasons which we will explain in this article. While most French consumers are satisfied with its quality, it contains too much chlorine, other minerals such as excess limestone and can often contain polluting particles. Why do you have to filter tap water anyway? How to do it ? etc. Find all the answers in this article.

Filter tap water to reduce the level of limescale

The first reason for filtering tap water is to reduce limescale particles, this mineral that ends up forming white deposits. This is because lime persists in tap water. Sometimes when you finish rinsing your face, you may have an uncomfortable feeling on your skin, as if it is tight. This is due to its too great richness in limestone.

You should know that your location affects the lime content of your tap water. For example, you can obtain information on the limestone content at the town hall or on the internet platform of the Ministry of Health. The solution to having water less rich in limestone is therefore to filter tap water. You can for example use a filter fountain which has a lime retention property by means of its activated carbon system with which it is equipped.

Filter tap water well to get rid of chlorine

If it is important to filter tap water, it is not only to have less limescale, it is also to rid it of a potential excessive richness in chlorine. Most consumers find the taste of water unpalatable compared to bottled mineral water. The chlorine contained therein is in fact used to control the spread of bacteria within water systems. However, it is necessary to filter the water because the chlorine is the source of the unpleasant taste of this water, similar to that of bleach.

Also, if you love coffee or are a fan of tea, prepare all of these drinks with filtered water. In addition, chlorine can be the cause of aggravated problems.

What about polluting particles?

Filtering tap water should become a behavioral habit. Studies by the UFC Que Choisir association aimed at preserving water-related resources carried out in 2017 have highlighted that the state of groundwater is alarming. This state of affairs results in the contamination of tap water with nitrate particles, which are particularly dangerous for infants. In addition, other scientific research than nitrates induces an increased risk of developing esophageal cancer.

All these reasons explain why it is essential to filter tap water to be free from pollutants that are harmful to your health. It should be noted that not all French regions have the same pollution risks. Regions like Yonne, Pas-de-Calais, Seine-et-Marne and Loiret record a higher percentage of nitrates.

How to filter tap water properly ?

You can filter the water well in your home, all you need to do is get a good gravity-fed filtration device. On the other hand, as we keep repeating throughout this article, using jugs or filter fountains are also very effective in filtering your tap water.

The other measure to take is to ensure regular maintenance of your filtration devices. On the other hand, it is recommended to filter the water, but above all to drink it at the latest within 24 hours after filtering, as is the case when you have already opened a bottle of mineral water. This measure allows you to prevent the spread of bacteria.

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